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Inter Poll: Paying tribute to Javier Zanetti.

This version of the latest Inter Poll asks its SB Nation Inter Offside community members how they want to see Javier Zanetti honored.

"Il Capitano," Javier Zanetti
"Il Capitano," Javier Zanetti
Dino Panato

It has been a busy spring for all of us here at SB Nation Inter as "March Madness," truly was a bit mad.  Our last Inter poll reflected on whether to bring back Eto'o.   When asked, "Would you like to see Samuel Eto'o return to Inter next season?" the community members responded in a resounding, "NO!" The majority of the vote (63%) reflected that the voting public did not want to see Eto'o back and only a minority 37% said that they did.

While the vote seemed a bit harsh considering the former Inter striker had achieved so much with the Nerazzurri, I think this excerpt from a comment posted by community member and guest writer, Drewseph, best sums up what many Interisti also feel about Eto'o,

"It pained me to vote "no," but I did.  You'd have a hard time finding a bigger fan of Eto'o than this guy here. Versatile, predatory, creative, with a rare mixture of efficiency and flair, Eto'o is still an absolute joy to watch. But I would turn this down."

With a few weeks passing, the rumors had quickly died down about the possible reunion of Eto'o and Inter.  Could our Inter Poll have had anything to do with this? Who knows but it seems that the majority of the voting public are getting what they want.  This brings us to the latest poll where we want to know how you would give "Il Capitano," Javier Zanetti, a proper send off since he was unfortunately snubbed this past weekend in his last Milan derby.

(Please click here for The Real Max Power's piece, "Zanetti Snub Adds to Derby Misery For Inter").

Considering Mazzarri's snub and the closure of the Curva Nord during Zanetti's last home match of his career against Lazio, how can Inter and its fans pay tribute to one of the greatest, if not most legendary of all players to have donned the Nerazzurri shirt?