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World Cup Bracketology!

We've got less than a week to go until the opening ceremonies... it's time for YOU to pick the winner!

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Who do YOU have coming out on top at the end of World Cup 2014?  Or at the very least, can you pick up enough points through each round to win bragging rights for the next four years?

We here at SB Nation Inter want to have a little fun over the next month and have decided to set up shop over at Yahoo with our very own World Cup Bracketology.

Yahoo has broken down their World Cup picks into two parts, with picks at the group stage and then the knockout stage.  The deadline for your submission for each match is five minutes before kick off, which gives all of us plenty of time to mull over our respective picks.

The system will automatically tally the points, which has a maximum total score of 368 if you pick every match of the tournament correctly. (By the way, if anyone achieves this, I need to talk to you ASAP so I can play the lottery and put some bets down in Vegas ;) har har har.)

This is for ALL football/soccer/calcio fans and not just for our little community so please spread the word to any friends, family, co-workers, exes... you name it, invite them in!

Feel free to leave your World Cup predictions in the comments below and during our upcoming World Cup posts!  Let's have some fun!

To join the SB Nation Inter Offside World Cup Bracketology, you must be a member of Yahoo or have a Yahoo email address.

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Group ID: #16852