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Live Match Thread: World Cup Quarterfinals Day 1

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French players, Valbuena and Benzema.
French players, Valbuena and Benzema.
Adam Pretty

After a two day break from World Cup action, the quarterfinal rounds are now in full swing.  If you have not voted in the latest Inter Poll yet, go and cast your vote as to who you think the winner will be.

Also, make sure to make your final picks for the quarterfinal round in our World Cup Bracketology challenge!

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Now, let's get down to business.  The quarterfinals are in full swing and the World Cup has been incredibly exciting thus far with tales of underdogs, football superpowers, and the prospect of a new nation lifting the coveted trophy.The first match on July 4 features two European footballing powers as France faces Germany.

Will Pogba once again prove catalyst to the French attack or will the Germans finally jumpstart a somewhat mediocre performance from its past two matches?  Is this going to be the match where Klose surpasses Ronaldo's total goal scoring record in the World Cup?

There are lots of questions to be asked but only one nation will answer and eventually progress to the semifinals.

Who: France v Germany

Where: Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro

When: 18.00 CET / 12.00 pm ET / 9.00 am PT

Following the European footballing power duel is a South American matchup between Brazil and Colombia.  The hosts have benefitted from questionable calls and the advantage of stadiums filled with their own supporters but have also been plagued with inconsistent form and a somewhat overreliance on Neymar.  Meanwhile, Colombia has been playing with spectacular form especially their young, rising star James Rodriguez (pronounced like Ham-es).  It seems as if the entire world has only recently discovered the former Porto player during this World Cup but many Interisti may recognize him as one of the many players linked to the club many years ago.

Even though Colombia has been playing on another level, one should never count hosts, Brazil out.

Who: Brazil v Colombia

Where: Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza

When: 22.00 CET / 4.00 pm ET / 1.00 pm PT