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Welcome to Inter: Dodo

Our summer series continues with a look at the Brazilian left-back...

Gabriele Maltinti

Dodo completed his move to Inter on Tuesday to become the Nerazzurri's second signing of the summer.

The 22-year-old joins Nemanja Vidic, who was officially unveiled to the public last week.

Dodo made 19 Serie A appearances, including seven straight starts from November to January for Roma last season.

Roma Sporting Director Walter Sabatini gushed over the full-back's potential back in 2012, saying: "Dodo is a great footballer, he plays the game the right way and he'll entertain our fans."

However, he was deemed surplus to requirements after the Giallorossi signed Ashley Cole on Monday.

Inter wasted no time swooping in and securing the youngster's signature as the club tries to find its full-back of the future.

Let's hope Dodo fares a little better than the last young Brazilian full-back that recently came to the club on loan.



It's a two-year loan deal for €1.2 million with an obligation to purchase for €7.8 million after his first appearance. So basically €9 million when it's all said and done. A bit risky but it could pay huge dividends down the road.


It won't surprise you that Dodo is technically sound, has good vision and isn't afraid to take on defenders when he pushes forward.


He needs more experience in the Italian top flight and he's a bit of an injury risk. A serious knee injury a few years ago derailed his development and he picked up another knock in May. 


A young Roberto Carlos. We can only hope I know. There are similarities though. Both played together at Corinthians in 2010, they share the same position and are left-footers by divine right. If somehow Dodo can morph into the next 'Roberto Carlos' let's pray that we hang on to the budding star instead of selling him to Real Madrid.


He's a Brazilian full-back duh.


Critics will point out a few glaring red flags here. Why Roma dumped a promising youngster for a 33-year-old Englishman, whose best days are behind him will have to be examined. They will also raise concerns about his previous knee injuries and whether Dodo has already hit his ceiling as a player.


The only thing that comes to mind is Dodo Bird. My sincerest apologies.


It depends whether Walter Mazzarri plays with four defenders at the back this season. Dodo should feature prominently in the Europa League and I hope he gets a shot to win the starting job sooner rather than later in Serie A.