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Welcome to Inter: Gary Medel

Our summer series continues with a look at the Chilean enforcer…

Matthias Hangst

Inter continued to bolster its squad by snapping up Gary Medel from Cardiff City.

The 26-year-old led Chile to the second round of the World Cup, where they won over neutral supporters with their gung-ho brand of attacking football before falling to Brazil on penalties.

Medel impressed his suitors with his passionate displays, never-say-die attitude and astute defending in the centre of defence.

He reportedly had a relegation clause in his contract and it was only a matter of time before he left the Welsh club for greener pastures.

Medel brings with him a fearsome reputation and Inter won't have to be worried about getting pushed around any more.

The defensive midfielder, who once described himself as "a nice kind of crazy" wears his heart on his sleeve and should become a fan favourite in no time.



Medel's tenacity, aggression and courage is legendary. He is also a surprisingly adept passer, who can pick out teammates with pinpoint accuracy. Has never shied away from a tackle he didn't like and can score from distance.


He is undisciplined although he collected only six yellow cards at Cardiff last season. Medel is extremely volatile. Can be a ticking time bomb as a quick google search will confirm. Is a liability in the air.


Edgar Davids. They're both physically intimidating and share a similar temperament. Davids was a professional instigator who could man-mark opposing stars off the pitch. He was a midfield bruiser who loved confrontation, just like Medel. The Dutchman rode a wave of emotions to take his game to the next level much in the same vein as the Chilean. In short, both men like to bring the pain.


He's South American… And he was set to machine-gun punch Xavi back to his parents' basement in Sevilla's 1-1 draw with Barcelona back in March 2011. Why is this  relevant? I'm glad you asked. Most Interisti loathe Xavi for a plethora of reasons, but mainly for turning on the sprinklers when the Nerazzurri were celebrating their Champions League semi-final aggregate victory over Barcelona at Camp Nou in 2010. It's never been proven but he did it… along with Andres Iniesta. I'm sure of it.


Critics will point out that he came from a Welsh club that was recently relegated from the English Premier League. They will accuse him of being a loose cannon who picks up too many red cards. This may all be true but he's not the first nor the last hothead Inter will sign.


Pitbull; not to be confused with the no-talent, diminutive money-grubbing, man-whore hack who made a mockery of the World Cup opening ceremonies in Brazil. 


I would be delighted with 25 or more Serie A appearances and every one of Inter's Europa League clashes, which he is not suspended for.