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Five Questions with TB

We ask our own TB about Inter's 2014-15 season

Marco Luzzani

Now that the international break is basically over, it's time to fully focus on Inter's season.  The draw against Torino already seems so long ago, so let us delve into the mind of TB regarding the Nerazzurri.

1) Where do you see Inter finishing?

The idealist in me wants to believe that a top three finish is viable, but the realist in me tells me that finishing right outside the Champions League places is where we'll end up.  I think the fourth spot is where we will finish, barring some wonkiness happening to Juve, Roma, and Napoli.

2) Who will be the breakout star of the season?

Mateo Kovačić. When I watch him, I just see magic... a whole lotta magic. (Brownie points if you can tell me where that quote is from!) He distributes the ball, has such vision, and hopefully he and Mauro Icardi can blast everything out of the water.

3) Do you see any potential stumbling blocks?

I voiced it in my mercato piece, but I fear injuries.  Whether it's due to too many matches or freak accidents, what will happen in the next four or five months if one of our strikers or center backs go down?  I know the management have said that the Primavera will be incoporated, but the transition for such starlets such as Federico Bonazzoli or even bringing up George Puscas is a huge gamble.

4) What will define a successful season for you?

Obviously top three or above would be stellar, but at the very least we need to do better than our finish from last season.  This means top four AND going deep into the Europa League. Anything less would be a failure.

5) Any other thoughts about this coming year?

I hope Walter Mazzarri proves me wrong and he shows us he is flexible, adaptable, and can win.  I hope the new management makes smart buys, and that they aren't cheap when a good buy presents itself. I hope everyone stays healthy and there are pleasant surprises (ahem, Osvaldo) through the season.

Besides the campionato, I want Inter to do well in the Europa League despite Italian teams' history of not caring about the competition. It's not about the coefficient points or Serie A as a whole (I stopped caring about that when many other tifosi wanted us to lose in 2010), but I want to be proud of the effort that my team puts forth.

As long as our players give their all, have grinta, and play with the "non mollare mai" attitude, everything should fall into place.

Remember to come back tomorrow for more '5 questions' with the SBNI staff!