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Hamburg looking into Inter Milan midfielder Rene Krhin

After coming back to Inter this season, Rene Krhin might be already on his way out due to a lack of playing time.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

German club Hamburg are reportedly looking to boost their midfield and one of their targets is Rene Krhin. The Slovenian midfielder was brought back to the club this past summer after being transferred to Bologna in 2010. But his return to the Nerazzurri has not been very good for him, with the 24 year old only making 1 start in the Europa League and 4 substitute appearances (and only one of those occurring before the 85th minute).

The decision to bring back Krhin very much surprised me. He did not really seem like a player with the caliber to play for Inter and the team already had better midfielders (such as Obi and Taider-in my opinion). His lack of playing time seems to show that upon his return both coaches realized that they had better options than Krhin, and so he spent most of his time on the bench.

With that in mind, a deal with Hamburg would be great for Inter to take a player that doesn't really get used off the books, save some wages, and free up some money for FFP (though it seems doubtful that a transfer for the defensive midfielder would get more that €3 million euros). Either way if Hamburg are really interested in Rene Krhin expect a deal to be made in the following weeks.