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Motta: "I will stay at Paris Saint-Germain"

The 32-year-old central midfielder has closed the door on all speculation that he will make a move away from Paris Saint-Germain.

Central midfielder Thiago Motta has been recently linked with a move to Inter Milan, but it seems 32-year-old player has closed the door on a possible move away from Paris Saint-Germain.

Here is a quote from Motta regarding his future with Les Parisiens:

"I am in Paris, and since the first day I have only thought about PSG. I have had the chance to talk with the leaders and I can say that I will stay in the club."

So it seems all those rumors about the Italian international's future with his club being in doubt were just speculation. Because, you know, it's the transfer window and all.

I, for one, will not give a second thought to this possibility being taken off the table. The Nerazzurri have a much greater need at the position of center back. And, just to be brutally hones, if the club were to bring in a defensive midfielder this month, I would hope he would be one with more legs and more years left than Motta.

What about you - did you want Inter to sign Motta or are you just fine with him staying at PSG?