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Arsenal target Marcelo Brozovic set to join Inter Milan

Inter have reportedly reached a deal with Dinamo Zagreb midfielder Marcelo Brozovic.

Rumors materialized early this morning that Inter Milan were closing in on a transfer deal with Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb for 22-year-old midfielder Marcelo Brozovic.

Now Football Italia report that the two sides have actually reached an agreement, with an official to follow as soon as tomorrow. This deal isn't completely out of nowhere, as there were a few reports in the fall that Inter were eyeing a January move for the Croatian international.

Previous reports had claimed that English side Arsenal made an initial offer somewhere between €7-9 million which was subsequently rejected by Dinamo Zagreb. The Croatian club also reportedly denied an offer from AC Milan for around €7 million, because it is believed that the club was holding out for a total transfer fee in the neighborhood of €10 million.

The current offer from Inter is believed to be in the neighborhood of €8 million plus performance bonuses which would bring the possible total up to the desired €10 million. It is believed that the ongoing relationship between Inter and Dinamo after the transfer of Kovacic helped the Nerazzurri close the deal over competition from other major European clubs.

Because the deal is not yet *official*, Calciomercato has warned that Arsenal are still interested in the young player, and could make a last-minute bid to get him if they are willing to raise their offer for the young star.

If this news becomes official, Inter will have landed a young player with lots of talent and potential to fill the current opening in the midfield for about the same price as they would have spent on a much older player (and much more experienced) in either Leiva or Suarez.

How do you feel about the news, ladies and gentlemen? Do you like that Inter may be bringing in a young midfielder in Brozovic, or would you still rather see Leiva or Suarez (or Diarra) join the ranks?