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Federico Bonazzoli and Alfred Duncan officially sold to Sampdoria

The two Inter youngsters are officially Sampdoria players after the deal the two clubs completed today.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The transfer market deadline is almost here and Inter Milan are trying to acquire and sell all the pieces they need or don't need to complete the puzzle they have in mind.

Today on the news of a deal between Sampdoria and Inter surfaced and was later confirmed on all the major Inter-bound websites. Alfred Duncan and Federico Bonazzoli are now officially blucerchiati players. The terms of the deal aren't completely clear right now, but it seems like Sampdoria will pay €10 million for the two, but with some interesting clauses regarding Bonazzoli: Inter will have a buy back option for the next three years set at €14 million and they will receive the 50% of the incomes in case of a future selling of the player to a third party team.

Some of you may be a little disappointed reading about this deal, but I think it's a good move even if we are letting go of two very young players. First of all we have the buy back option on the more promising of the two, so, eventually, if he turns out to be a great player (and we are hoping that), Inter could re-acquire a player that will be worth more money and that maybe would have struggled finding playing time if he had remained at the San Siro. In addition, have sold Duncan, a good player who hasn't found consistency so far and who has showed less talent and skills than the players we already have on our roster.

I am confident in our management so I'm trying to see everything in a positive way, even if I am always unenthusiastic in seeing young talents being sold so easily.

In bocca al lupo, Alfred and Federico!