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Jose Mourinho planning Inter Milan escape route

Chelsea is a dumpster fire, and rumor has is that he is planning escape routes that involve PSG and Inter.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Even if you haven't been paying much attention to the Premier League this season, you may have heard that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is in some hot water after the club suffered their fifth loss of the season this past weekend.

In the interest of adding some perspective to the above statistic, Chelsea only lost three matches (yes, 3!) throughout their entire championship run last season. So yes, the Blues' poor performance this season has been shocking to the club's ownership and its supporters.

Now, is it fair to begin talk of sacking one of the most successful soccer managers of this generation (objectively speaking) 10 weeks into a season? Maybe, and maybe not. Yet, the rumors are already out there. It it worth mentioning here that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich reportedly still wants to give Mourinho time to turn his side around. But what happens if worse comes to worse?

While outlets such as ESPN and NBC have both reported that Jose's primary escape route is to Paris to manage Saint-Germaine, they and several other sources have cited that Inter Milan sits at a close second if the PSG position were to not pan out. In fact, both of the outlets mentioned above claim that there has already been contact between Mourinho's reps and those of Inter.