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USA designer proposes 4 new kits for Inter Milan

USA designer Ben Reffie is a huge Inter Milan fan (despite the current form of the team) and decided to create 4 kit ideas for next season.

Just a while ago a hypothetical 2015/16 Inter jersey surfaced on the internet, but the reaction of the fans fluctuated from disgust to absolute hate and everyone hoped they weren't official.

This time we are presenting you Ben Reffie's work, which is without a doubt very original and innovative. The American designer is a big Inter fan and you can see it even by his Twitter profile, and decided to mix this passion with his incredible talent for web design: the result is 4 great concepts for next year's Nerazzurri home jersey.

Bene reffie kits 1

The first concept is the most innovative and original of the whole pack. The idea of shaping the stripes as the peaks of the Duomo di Milano, which is in the background of it too, is just great and I must admit I'm a huge fan of this jersey. This is something never seen before and I'd love to watch my team wearing it next season.

The second one has the traditional black and blue stripes, but with the addition of a cool style element at the bottom: the fade. I like this kit too, it's something new and different from what we are used to see.

ben reffie kit 2

The third kit is clean and classic, with no particular elements of style or a diverse collar, so it would be alright as next season's jersey.

The last one is peculiar, because it doesn't rock the canonical black and blue vertical stripes, but has only a single bold blue stripe which fades at the bottom on a black background. I'd like this to be a third option jersey, because I like our home kit to be more classic, with the stripes and all, but it's not a terrible concept and for me it's surely an improvement from this year's home shirt.

So what do you think about them, cool or nah?

All the credits to Ben Reffie who is a very talented web designer and you can see his artistic projects visiting his website