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Icardi makes peace with supporters, but his future with Inter is very much in doubt

The Argentinian is Inter's most important player right now, but his future is a big question mark and tension with the supporters is just making everything worse.

Icardi scoring a goal against Palermo
Icardi scoring a goal against Palermo
Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Inter made the right moves in the recent transfer markets, but, better than adding good players is keeping the ones you can already rely on on a daily basis, like Mauro Icardi. He has scored 13 goals in 22 Serie A games so far this season and Mancini, along with Inter's management are pushing for a contract renewal with the player, but things are not so simple for two factors: the player wants a consistent pay raise (rationally) and his relationship with the supporters has deteriorated recently.

Maurito earns €1 Million per year with his current contract and in the Inter roster only 7 players earn less than him and he believes to deserve to be among the top-payed players of the team. He requests an increase up to €2.7 Million per year, plus the 50% of his royalties, but so far Erick Thohir's offer is only of €2 Million per year. The reaching of an agreement is not far mostly because Thohir would like to sign a deal with the player for two reasons: he loves the player and believe he could develop into one of the top international scorers of the future and he would like to keep him at Inter; if Mauro does decide to leave Inter, signing a contract renewal would increase his value on the transfer market, so the club would earn more money from his departure. Icardi is on the radar of some of the biggest European teams, like Chelsea, so it's vital to reach an agreement sooner rather than later.

What makes thing harder is what happened after the match against Sassuolo, when Icardi and Guarin approached he fans on the stands who were furious for the disappointing loss and the Argentinian, gave the shirt to them, but they threw it back to him in anger (even if he was the only player to score a goal for Inter that day), so he made a bad decision and insulted them.

Against Palermo Icardi played well and even scored two goals, but decided not to celebrate them in protest. After the match some Curva Nord supporters waited for him in the underground parking lot to clear things and it seems that they found a meeting point, so we may see Maurito celebrating his goals again in the next matches and we could hope for him to decide to stay here next season.