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Rubin Kazan plan to sue Inter

After Inter terminated Yann M'Vila's contract, Rubin Kazan have let Inter know that they plan to bring a lawsuit against the Milanese club.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Now that Dani Osvaldo is gone to Boca Juniors I'm sure most people let out a sigh of relief that the potential lawsuit between the Inter and Osvaldo had most likely been set aside by both parties since they reached an amicable conclusion to that saga. So with that settled, one would think that Inter's legal department can take a break and that there won't be any talk of lawsuits for a while. Unfortunately that just isn't the case.

Rubin Kazan have sent a letter to Inter, stating their intentions to sue the Nerazzurri over the termination of Yann M'Villa's contract. The French midfielder only started 3 Serie A and 4 Europa League matches, and just didn't seem to impress either Walter Mazzarri or Roberto Mancini, with both preferring Gary Medel in the defensive midfield role.

After a January transfer market that saw Brozovic join the club, and other surplus to requirements like Rene Krhin being shipped out, it seemed inevitable that M'Villa would leave too. Since no agreement could be made with a new club to take M'Villa, his contract was terminated and he was sent back to Russia.

It looks like Rubin Kazan's argument in this lawsuit would be that by terminating M'Villa's contract, they depreciated the value of a player that Kazan still owns, and thus Inter should compensate them for this lowered market value of the player. Inter do have a defense prepared for this though. There was a move to Swansea on the transfer deadline day that fell through (I am not sure if it failed due to M'Villa wage demands or paperwork didn't get pushed through in time or what). Since the club tried to have him move to another club, they were not intentionally trying to depreciate his value they were just left with no other option once the transfer market closed.

Now I'm not in law school yet so I can't say this with a high degree of certainty, but the logic behind this lawsuit sounds absolutely idiotic and looks like it should be thrown out of court immediately. When players get their contracts terminated their values decline, that is the way it works. M'Villa got his contract terminated because he failed to convince Mancini that he was worth a spot at Inter. It's not like the club did not give him a chance, he was training and he got a couple of starts in as well. It is not Inter's fault that he was not good enough, it is his fault and thus his value should reflect that failure to make it at Inter. Also I have never heard of any FIFA rules or precedent that backs up Rubin Kazan's argument (and I would be shocked if there was any).

All things considered, this does not look like it should be anything too worrying. The case looks weak and Inter already have a defense lined up in case this does go to court. I really do not understand why Kazan is trying to sue anyways, all this will do is sour any relations between the two sides. If anything else about this comes up then it might become something worth paying attention to, but for now I would say for fans to forget about it and just focus on our team and their performances, not petty lawsuits.