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Inter Milan face sanctions for violating FFP regulations

Inter Milan are being investigated regarding their financial situation and the club may be subjected to one of a few different sanctions, which we discuss here.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Inter have long been under the microscope when it comes to being penalized under Financial Fair Play regulations, and it seems that the club may soon be fined due to their inability to meet the break-even parameters imposed by the FFP system. Thohir visited Milan yesterday where there were UEFA agents waiting to talk with him about the financial situation of the club.

Currently, Inter Milan have a €180 million deficit in their balance over the last 3 years, which is €135 million over the limit imposed by UEFA. In the following days the club's management will have to travel to Nyon, Switzerland (UEFA HQ) to discuss the situation and negotiate with the organization in order to try to avoid the worst. At this point, there are three possible situations for Inter now: they may be imposed with a lock on future transfer markets, they may see their cash prizes earned by qualification to European competitions withheld, or face a €7 Million fine (which seems like the most likely outcome currently).

Erick Thohir, who was already aware months ago of this eventuality, instituted a new company called Inter Media and Communication, which is projected to increase the club's earnings from €73 Million to €89 Million by 2020.

But Inter are not the only club facing disciplinary actions for failing to comply with FFP regulations. Other top European teams involved in these investigations are: Monaco, Besiktas, Krasnodar, Liverpool, Sporting Club de Portugal, and Roma.