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Would bringing this Manchester City midfielder to Inter even make sense?

James Milner is a midfield workhorse who plays attractive soccer. But is the solution to any of Inter's current problems?

James Milner is linked to Inter once again for a potential move during the summer transfer window, which is spurring speculation that he has rejected an offered contract extension from Man City.

According to the Daily Express (so, lol) Inter are actively monitoring Milner's status. In addition to the Nerazzurri, the English midfielder is also being closely watched by Roma, Milan, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

The Guardian (h/t Football Italia) has even claimed that Inter has had contact with Milner, and the Daily Express has even claimed that Inter have offered €260,000 per week for three years to get Milner to the San Siro.

This is likely all just speculation at best. But even if it were true, would a Milner move to Inter even make sense? There would be quite a bit of upside if Milner were to come to Inter: he has a fantastic attitude, displays an immense work rate, and could add an element of senior leadership that Inter seem to lack lately.

The downsides of a Milner transfer would include Milner's age (he will be 29 soon), the monetary cost to actually get him to Inter, and the other midfield talent that has either just been re-signed or is indispensable.

Milner is certainly very enjoyable to watch. He plays a brand of soccer that is both fast-paced and determined. Inter could certainly use a player like him, but I'm not convinced that Milner himself is the answer to any of the current questions facing this Inter side.

Like, mainly, who are we bringing in to play defense?

Let us know what you think about the James Milner rumors below.