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Follow the new and improved Inter Offside twitter account

The Inter Offside has a new home on Twitter, and we'd really like it if all you Twitter-savvy fans gave it a follow.

"But I'm already following The Inter Milan Offside Twitter account!" you may say, but here's the thing: in a very short while we will no longer be affiliated with the previous account which was associated with this blog in the past.

Our new Twitter account for this blog goes by the handle of @inter_offside and we would really appreciate it if you gave us a follow. You can easily follow our new account by clicking the embedded tweet below.

Here, you'll be able to keep up with all things Nerazzurri in the Twitterverse. From the account we'll be sharing team news, player tweets, and vines of amazing goals among other things. We'll also be live-tweeting matches, so you can easily keep up with the action if you're busy doing other meaningful things like working or studying.

Just to reiterate: we will no longer be using the old Twitter account you may have followed previously. We're starting fresh here, and we hope all of you will make the jump with us over to @inter_offside on Twitter.

You're all wonderful, and we here at The Offside wish each of you a speedy recovery from yesterday's painful loss against Fiorentina.