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Why hasn't Icardi signed his new contract with Inter Milan yet?

The Argentinian striker is shining this year and Inter want to reach an agreement on a new contract with him as soon as possible.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

One thing is sure: Mauro Icardi will sign a contract renewal with Inter. What isn't clear, however, is when he is going to do it. Recently, the two sides have met up to talk continue negotiations and they have agreed in principle on a draft of the renewal. But some details are still being discussed, and there are two ideas on what the new deal should look like.

The first one would pay Maurito €2.5 million every year until 2019 with some bonuses based on goals scored every season and the top scorer award of the Serie A. Icardi will likely agree to this deal only if the club allows him to have 100% of his image rights (an estimated €2 million per year), due to the fact that Icardi is already an international brand, even if he is still very young.

The second one would be more lucrative - around €3 Million every year - but in that case the player would retain only 50% of his image rights, leaving the rest to the club. This proposal would keep the same bonus awards contained in the other contract idea.

Another thing Inter and Icardi are discussing is when the new contract will actually start. The club would like to make it start at the beginning of the next season, but the player is insisting on making it active as soon as he signs it. This is the most important detail the two sides are discussing, and the imminent FFP sanctions Inter will face are playing a big role in that decision, which means that the deal's finalization may be postponed until sometime next week.

My advice: keep your Champagne bottles on ice Inter fans, but be ready to pop them very soon.