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Guarin out for season, out for good?

The Colombian injured himself against Lazio last Sunday and some La Liga teams are ready to make offers for him this summer.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

This could have been Guarin's last play with Inter's shirt. The Colombian injured his right rectus femoris muscle kicking this free-kick that was amazingly saved by Federico Marchetti. Fredy's reaction was immediate, he touched his right leg right away and it was clear he was in a lot of pain and Mancini took him out of the game at halftime, 2 minutes later. The recovery times for this type of injuries are around a month, so he won't play the last 3 games of the season with Inter and he could even miss the Copa America with his national team, Colombia.

Many times we saw Fredy in the middle of transfer rumours, and this summer will be the same. Valencia and Sevilla asked about him last winter, but they never convinced Inter to sell him. What they obtained though was the pre-emption rights on the player, so if they are still interested in him they will have a slight edge over the competitors. evaluates his market value at €12 Million, but the Italian club seem determined to accept only bids greater than €15 Million.

Guarin, who made his move to Inter in 2012 for €13 Million in the winter transfer market, is a very strong midfielder, equipped with a powerful shot from distance and good dribbling skills, but he lacks in consistency and because of that the feeling for him by inter fans span from unconditioned love to absolute hate. Personally i don't love him too much, but nonetheless I won't sell him out for less than his value, because it's always good to have on squad players with his skills and mindset.