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Could Dybala be Inter's future star?

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Paulo Dybala is a very promising player and his numbers reflect just that. His team, Palermo, scored 46 Serie A goals this season and he contributed to half of them, scoring 13 times and assisting his teammates in 10 occasions. He is only 21 years old.

Since the winter market, Inter has been linked to a lot of players, but they mostly were only rumors. Dybala though, was one of those mentioned several times and it seems that there has been contacts between Inter and Palermo for the kid. Mancini was spotted at the Stadio Tardini for the Parma vs. Palermo match most probably to scout U Picciriddu ('the Baby') and Parma's youngster Josè Mauri. reported that Mancio himself called the player to talk about a possible move to Inter.

In one of the latest rumors that surfaced, Inter reportedly offered €30 Million for Dybala, plus Puscas and Bardi. Zamparini - the crazy Palermo owner - said he wants at least €40M for the Argentinian, but it looks like he is doing that just to try to trick some richer clubs in paying a huge sum for him, considering that lots of important teams are interested in acquiring Paulo like Napoli Juventus and Roma among the Italians, but PSG, Manchester United and Arsenal would like to make a move for him too. Dybala has always said he would prefer to stay in Italy if sold and this may discourage other European teams interested in him. According to his market value as of right now is around £20 Million, but he will probably be acquired for more money this summer.

Dybala's main strengths are his incredible speed and his dribbling skills, which are the main reason why he is fouled so many times during a match. His only weakness is his aerial game, due to his height - he is only 5 foot 10 - but he makes up for this flaw with a great off-the-ball game that makes him dangerous on crosses nevertheless.