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VIDEO: Zanetti gets a goal on the night his shirt is retired

"Grazie Javier, now the number 4 is yours forever."

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Last night was a memorable one at the San Siro. No, you didn't forget about a Serie A match – Javier Zanetti and some of his friends played in an exhibition match for charity last night which concluded with the official retirement of Il Capitano's famous number 4 shirt.

For those in attendance, the night was likely an emotional one. If the sight of the legend Zanetti wasn't enough to get the fans going, the likes of other treble-winning heroes such as Crespo, Zamorano, and Eto'o scoring again at the San Siro certainly should have been enough to do it.

As an added bonus, Zanetti himself made it onto the score sheet. Check out the video below.

If that doesn't bring a tear to every Nerazzurri eye, I don't know what will.

Zanetti also expressed his thanks to all Inter fans, saying:

"You all know what this shirt means to me. I'll always be grateful to these fans... It's an incredible feeling and I want to thank everyone who helped make this match a celebration. You will always be in my heart."

And, just for good measure, you can watch El Tractor get his shirt retired by the club here.

Bellisimo! And in the words of Inter CEO Michael Bolingbroke, "Grazie Javier, now the number 4 is yours forever."