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UEFA hands down Inter Milan's FFP sanctions

Inter have been given their punishment for violating Financial Fair Play regulations.

Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

For a while now Inter has been preparing itself for possible sanctions from UEFA for any possible violations of their Financial Fair Play rules. After bringing in a number of players in the past few transfer markets, many expected Inter to fall foul of the new rules. Today, UEFA announced that sanctions have been leveled against Inter for the 15/16 season.

If Inter makes the Europa League, the side will see its squad size limited. The team would only be able to name 21 players in their European squad for next season, rather than the usual 25. The following season would see the Nerazzurri limited to 22 players, but by the 17/18 season Inter would be able to name a full squad (if the team's finances are back in line).

UEFA also have handed Inter a fine of €20 million, of which €6 million is a mandatory payment, while the other €14 million may be forgiven if certain targets are met.The money would be taken from any revenue generated by the club by competing in UEFA competitions.

In order for Inter to get back in UEFA's good graces, the club would have to limit its losses to €30 million for 2016, and break even by 2017.

Inter CEO Michael Bolingbroke spoke after this punishment was handed down. He said the club will respect the restrictions placed on the team, but will also continue to ensure that Mancini has a great team that is competitive to win trophies.

So these sanctions hurt but they are not all that bad. If the club is not even in the Europa League most of this will not even affect Inter at all. It does go to show though that Inter need to keep finding new ways to increase the club's revenue if they are going to bring in the type of players necessary to get the team back up to the competitive level that it belongs in.