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Liverpool make an offer for Mateo Kovacic

Liverpool are looking to steal away another young creative midfielder from Inter but management looks more resistant this time...hopefully

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

For a couple of months there have been news reports that Liverpool were interested in Mateo Kovacic and it seems that now this interest has turned into formal offers. Brendan Rogers's club has submitted a €10.5m bid for the young Croatian midfielder and it was promptly turned down by Inter.

With Steven Gerrard leaving Liverpool, the club is looking for options to strengthen their midfield, and the 21 year old is one of their key targets. His 8 goals and 4 assists made this his most prolific for the club, and Mancini seems to have helped further along the Croatian international's development.

This rejection by the Nerazzurri might not have put off Liverpool. Reports suggest that they will soon make another bid at either €14m or €18m. Hopefully the club rejects this offer too. Kovacic is an incredibly valuable player and should be kept next season for the push back up the table. Selling him would go against the new club emphasis on young players and would arguably do more harm than good.

(After Liverpool was able to buy Coutinho from Inter for a mere €9m, the English club seems to think that they can get any player they want from Inter for a steal. has Kovacic's value at €22m and they actually thought that Inter would accept €10.5?? I know this club has made some dumb decisions in the transfer market before but this would take the cake.)