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Stèphane M'Bia being eyed by Inter and Trabzonspor

The 29-year-old Sevilla defensive midfielder have reportedly reached an agreement with Inter, but the deal is far from being settled.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Fresh off winning the Europa League with his club Sevilla, Stéphane M'Bia is at the center of many summer market rumours because of his free agent status. His contract, in fact, expires at the end of June and it looks like he already reached an agreement with at least one club to play for them next season.

The situation is a bit confusing at the moment: o one hand reports told that Inter and the player agreed on a contract offer the Nerazzurri made to him, the only thing missing was Mancini's approval, on the other hand Turkish club Trabzonspor claimed that the midfielder already accepted their €2.3 Million per year contract offer.

The truth on M'Bia's move is still blurry, to have clearer news we will have to wait and see how the whole situation develop in the next few days because no official statements have been made by both clubs yet.

Anyway, if Inter actually reached an agreement with the player, that would mean that the club finally gave up on trying to bring Yaya to Milan. They are very similar players, both with international experience and success, and even if M'Bia is not as talented as Toure is, the Cameroonian has an age advantage on the Ivorian that could level the qualitative gap between the two. Moreover the deal to acquire M'Bia would be extremely cheaper than the Toure one, leaving more money to spend on the market for Inter.