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Bardi, Biraghi, and Botta headed back to Inter

The three players are coming back to Milan after spending their last season playing for ChievoVerona.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Three players are returning home after being sent on loan to Chievo this season, all three of them have their last names beginning with B and probably none of them will play a single match for Inter next season. Let's see who they are, what they have done, and what Inter might do with them in the near future.

Of the three players coming back from their loans, Francesco Bardi is undoubtedly the most promising despite his not-so-brilliant 14/15 season. The turning point of his Chievo campaign was Corini's sacking as Chievo manager in favor of Roland Maran. The former, in fact, was a strong believer in the 23-year-old Italian goalkeeper and made Bardi the starting goalie of his squad. But as soon as the latter took charge, Bardi was suddenly relegated to the bench and the Argentinian Bizzarri took his place. With Carrizo's contract ending at the end of June, Bardi could become Inter's back-up goalkeeper straight-away, but he has said many times that he would prefer being loaned out to a team that would give him the opportunity to start in order to grow as a player.

Cristiano Biraghi, also 22 years old, was scheduled to have spent another year playing for Chievo, but the club from Verona has decided to end their relationship with the player early. Biraghi played 18 Serie A matches this season, but his skills and talent are generally poor and he will probably be sent on loan again this season or even sold permanently for €2-3 Million.

Last but not least, we take a look at Ruben Botta. The Argentinian trequartista made his move to Italy 2 years ago: first he was signed by Livorno to allow Inter to keep a non-EU spot free in the 13/14 summer market, and then he signed with the Nerazzurri the following January. His return to Milan is not exciting news since he has not really become the type of player Inter hoped he would, but at least he has the potential to generate a decent capital gain for Inter.

He was signed as a free agent after leaving Tigre and then sent on an onerous loan worth €1 Million to Chievo Verona. However, currently values him around €5 Million. Admittedly, given his horrendous performances in the last 2 seasons, it would certainly be a miracle if someone would be interested in paying that much money for him.