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Guarin wants to stay, but do fans want him to?

Amidst reports that Fenerbache are interested in Guarin, his agent said he is happy at Inter and wants to stay.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Fredy Guarin has always been a player that brought wildly different reactions from Inter fans. Some fans say that he is a passionate midfielder who wears his heart on his chest and is a great candidate for the captaincy. Others say he is wildly inconsistent and can sometimes play very well and other times waste every chance he gets. It's likely a combination of the two, but when Mancini arrived at the club, Guarin's performances began to consistently improve (before he was eventually dropped for the midfield trio of Kovacic-Medel-Brozovic).

It seems that his fairly good performances have caught the attention of Turkish club Fenerbache, who are interested in the Colombian midfielder. It looks like Inter want something around €13-15m to make a deal, and initial reports had Fenerbache offering  €11m. With a bid differential that small it looked like a deal could be easily met between the two clubs.

Then Guarin's agent spoke about this move, or more specifically, the fact that there is no €11 bid. He said that the club has not reached out to him, and that Guarin wants to stay in Milan and win trophies in the Nerazzurri colors.

While it's always nice to hear that players are devoted to the club and want to stay and win, I think quite a number of fans will be secretly hoping that a sale does occur. Like I said before, many think he is a very inconsistent player and any chance to make a profit on the 28 year old should be taken. Furthermore, it has been pretty well established that the club will need to make some sales this transfer market. And with recent rumors suggesting that Kovacic might not end up going to Liverpool, somebody else (who can actually make a decent profit) will need to be on the chopping block. And I think most would prefer to see Guarin leave over Kovacic.