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Inter turn down Kovacic for Balotelli swap deal offered by Liverpool

The rumours about Liverpool being strongly interested in Kovacic are not going to end soon, even if they have no sound basis, and this times Inter reportedly turned down an offer from Anfield about a swap deal involving Balotelli.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The silliness of the Kovacic-to-Liverpool rumours has just reached a new high with the news of a deal - turned down immediately by Inter - that would have sent the Croatian youngster to Anfield in exchange for the former Nerazzurro Mario BalotelliCorriere dello Sport, which has vehemently instigated this silly rumour's circulation, reported that Inter turned down the offer because they are not currently looking for player exchanges so much as cash, which they need now to buy another midfielder like Imbula or Kondogbia. Yes, you read that right, Inter needs to get rid of Kova to buy one of those players.A total Branca move, right?

The funniest thing about all these rumours is that the English side has never even confirmed they are chasing the Croatian starlet and, as we wrote a couple of days ago, Mancini and the player himself stated on separate occasions that Kova isn't going anywhere at the moment. The only sources reporting these small talks are the Italian  - Corriere dello Sport, mostly - and Croatian presses, and it is unclear why are they fueling the rumours.

I don't want to waste more time on this topic, I just want to assure all Inter fans: Kovacic isn't going anywhere at the moment, especially in exchange for a player like Balotelli. The only scenario in which I see Kovacic leaving Inter is one where the acquiring team offers so much money (i.e. €40+ Million) that the Nerazzurri simply can't say no to and in which Inter already have a deal with a world-class midfielder as Kovacic's replacement.