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Guarin reaches agreement with Turkish side Fenerbahce

Fredy Guarin has reportedly reached an agreement to join Turkish side Fenerbahce next season, but the two clubs have yet to settle on a deal.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Fenerbahce has been interested in Guarin for a few weeks and, as soon as Inter acquired Kondogbia, they decided it was the right time to make their first concrete move to buy the player. Gurain has been on the verge of leaving Inter many times - remember the infamous Guarin-Vucinic swap deal with Juventus? In any case, it seems that Guarin is set to depart Inter for good very soon. A major role in convincing the Colombian to join the Yellow Canaries has been played by their new coach Vitor Pereira, the former Porto boss under whom Guarin played his best season for the Portuguese side.

Fenerbahce have reportedly offered Inter €5 Million for Guarin, which is way less than the current Transfermarkt valuation of the player (around €12 Million). But Inter need money to spend in order to finance the Mancini rebuild, so they might reach an agreement if the Turkish side agree to pay Guarin at least €8 Million. The two sides are apparently not far from closing the deal and more news on the subject will be available in the next few days.

If these negotiations happen to break down, Fenerbahce will likely pursue another Nerazzurro target in order to strengthen their squad: Hernanes. The Brazilian central MF has a higher market value than Guarin, so in my opinion this is a very unlikely scenario. That doesn't mean it's not a possibility - just a very remote one.