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Icardi: "I'll get a new tattoo if Inter win the Scudetto"

In a recent interview with Mediaset Premium, Icardi joked that if Inter won the Scudetto he'd get a new tattoo. We're here to discuss what that tat should be.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

In an interview with Mediaset Premium held at Inter's Brunico camp, striker Mauro Icardi discussed his desire to have a great season with Inter, dished his thoughts on some of the new signings, and spoke encouragingly about his recently-renewed contract with the Nerazzurri, saying specifically:

"I've got close ties with Inter, I've chosen the club on two occasions. I like it here and I'm happy to be staying. I want to start again and give my all. We've not discussed me being captain. That said, I still accept my responsibility. Things are going great with Mancio, he really keeps a close eye on me because he was a great forward himself and that's improved our relationship."

But more important than all of that other stuff was Icardi's quip regarding the Serie A championship. As the interview drew to a close, Maurito joked that if Inter won the Scudetto, he'd get a new tattoo.

It's like when your youth coach promised to shave his head or dye his hair if your U-12 team won the big tournament. I personally will be holding Icardi to this, and I hope all you fans will do the same.

Which begs the question: if Mauro Icardi does indeed get a Scudetto-tattoo, what should that tattoo look like? I think it should be up to us fans to decide. I was thinking a giant, vicious, hell-bent biscione wrapped around the trophy on his back. Or what about wide vertical black and blue stripes from his chest down to his waist? Or how about Calvin desecrating the Juve crest?

Let's put it to a vote, shall we?