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Shaqiri agrees to Schalke move, Perisic incoming?

Current reports state that Xherdan Shaqiri has conceded to a move to Schalke 04 which paves the way for Perisic to arrive in Milan.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

With the new Serie A rules stating that teams must submit a 25 man roster before the start of the season, Mancini needs to cut down on the size of his squad. Players like Santon, Kovacic, Nagatomo, and Juan Jesus have all been touted as potential sacrifices but the main candidate at this time is Xherdan Shaqiri. He previously rejected a move to Stoke City and the club responded by making it clear that they expected him to take the hint. (At this point it seems like the only thing the club hasn't done is hire a moving company break into his house and pack all of his belongings while he is at training.)

Now it sounds like Shaqiri might be finally accepting that the club wants him to move on. Gianluca Di Marzo (and Sempre Inter) has reported that Shaq has agreed to return to Germany and play for Schalke 04. With his departure Inter would look to seal the deal to bring Ivan Perisic from Wolfsburg to the Nerazzurri.

I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand Shaqiri has not lived up to his potential so far since he arrived at the club, and given his age and reputation on the international stage he can still be sold for a profit. His form while playing at Bayern before arriving at Inter was less than spectacular, which unfortunately has continued for a decent portion of his time at Inter. Perisic, while a little older, would come in following a very good run of form at Wolfsburg. He is clearly eager to join the team, and his arrival would make add another component to the Croatian contingent on the team (which would allow for some degree of an immediate understanding between Perisic, Kovacic, and Brozovic on the pitch).

On the other hand Shaq has only been playing for the club for about 6 months. Unless a player is absolutely atrocious on the pitch, detrimentally laid-back in training, or toxic to the dressing room that should not be enough time to discard a player with his potential as a waste of time. Hernanes is the perfect example of a player that took a (uncomfortably) long time to showcase his abilities while playing at Inter, so if he got so many chances to prove himself, why not Shaqiri?

Plus, this doesn't look very good for the image of the club. Shaqiri wanted to join Inter and because of that Bayern rejected a higher offer from other clubs in order for him to get his wish. And after all of that effort on their part Inter is not willing to put a little bit of faith in the Swiss winger and give him some more time find his place in the team. Also, while selling Shaq might still make a profit for Inter if/when Perisic arrives, the main reason why he has been put on the market is not for the club to make back money from all of the purchases made so far (though that is a legitimate reason). The official motivation behind pushing Shaq out has been to get the squad size down, but selling him just to bring in Perisic kind of defeats that purpose...

So what do you think? Would you prefer to keep Shaqiri around or see Perisic wearing black and blue next season?