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Inter release 15/16 away kit

Just like with the home kits, Inter returned to a classic look for the away kit, but with the seemingly ever-present Pirelli logo being replaced by a new sponsor, Driver.

With the home kits being released back in May, fans have been eagerly awaiting the unveiling of Inter's away jersey for the upcoming season. At training camp today, Dejan Stankovic, Pirelli Chief of Marketing Operations Guido Maestri and newcomer Driver CEO Antonella Lauriola held a press conference to show off what the Nerazzurri will be wearing when they are not at the San Siro.

The kit returns to the traditional white with a blue and black band across the front. A key difference to previous versions of this look is that the blue and black is patterned to depict a snake's scales, in reference to one of the other nicknames Inter have, Il Biscione. There is also a blue and black lining along the collar and a blue stripe running down the side of the jersey.

At the press conference it was announced that Driver not be replacing Pirelli but they will be working together as sponsors to Inter. (After doing some research it looks like Driver is a tire and car service company that is likely a subsidiary of Pirelli.)

The new kit should be available for purchase on July 9th.

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