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Injury Update: Miranda, Juan Jesus, and Murillo

Miranda, JJ, and Murillo should all be back on the pitch very soon.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

According to SkySport (h/t Sempre Inter), Joao Miranda has made a full recovery and should be back in time for Wednesday's match against Hellas Verona.

Juan Jesus is expected to return on Sunday against Fiorentina, but his status is still tentative. And for those of you still worrying about Jeison Murillo - fret no more. The Colombian center back reportedly did not suffer a serious injury this past Sunday against Chievo and should be back on the pitch this coming Sunday in a big match against the Viola.

It seems that the only reason Murillo will not be making an appearance in tomorrow's match is because Mancini doesn't want to take any chances with the player's health and recovery from the minor knock.

So that's some good news! It was frightening for us to watch Murillo limp off the pitch during Sunday's match, but we're glad that he should be able to make a speedy recovery and get back in the thick of things soon.