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Chelsea joins Inter in the race for Lavezzi

One of Lavezzi's representatives has told the press that Chelsea are also after his client, though Inter are the most interested at this time.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

It seems that every transfer market Inter are liked with with Ezequiel Lavezzi, though this time a deal looks like it actually has a good chance of happening (though that's been said many times in the past). His contract is expiring in the summer and it looks like now might be the best time to make a move for the 30 year old. Inter are not the only interested party however and it seems like Chelsea has inquired about the availability of the player.

An associate of Lavezzi's agent Moggi (no, not that Moggi) spoke about the situation and he said that it is definitely possible that Lavezzi does end up leaving in January to allow PSG to get some money for the winger, though they are considering still trying to extend his contract. If he does decide to leave Inter are the most interested club and since he has on numerous occasions expressed a desire to return to Serie A, that would most likely be his destination. There have been talks with Chelsea though so they could possibly end up making a formal offer for the Argentine international.

It is believed that PSG are looking for a bid of around €5-6m. Inter could always try waiting until the summer to snag the player for free but they could risk him signing a new contract at PSG, going to another club in January, or facing a wage bidding-war with other clubs when he is floating on the market.