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Guarin deal approaching completion

It looks like Guarin will most likely be heading to China, with both Inter and the player unable to turn down the offer from Jiangsu Suning.

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

There will soon be another departure from the Inter squad, with midfielder Fredy Guarin nearing the exit door to go to Chinese club Jiangsu Suning. The club is making a habit of targeting Serie A players, with a move for AC Milan's Luiz Adriano already secured they are now heavily investing in Guarin and potentially Roma winger Gervinho as well.

The transfer fee is being touted as something around €15m-€18m. An offer like that made Inter more than willing to sell the Colombian international given their wealth of options in midfield and the fact that most sources such as only has his value listed at about €10.5m. The 29 year old was reportedly unsure about accepting the deal but it seems like a number of factors such as the club's insistence upon his agreeing to the move, a signing-on bonus, a bonus fee for his agent, and wages of €7-8m per season have made him much more willing to make the transfer happen.

This move would allow Ausilio to make a move for Roberto Soriano. The 24 year old Sampdoria midfielder was requested by Mancini, and it is believed that a €15m offer would be enough to bring him to Inter.