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Ranocchia move to Sampdoria almost complete

The former Inter captain has decided that he is okay with moving to Sampdoria so now a move is very close to being finalized.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

It's been clear for some time that Andrea Ranocchia will leave in January, it has just been more of a question of which club would he go to. There have been a number of suitors both in the Premier League and in Serie A but it always seemed like he wanted to stay in Italy, possibly due to wanting to stay in a familiar setting especially so close to Euro 2016. AC Milan was interested in bringing him in but it due to unknown factors, possible wanting a club with a higher chance of playing time or not wanting to go to Inter's rivals, he agreed to a move to Sampdoria instead.

Surprisingly, it looks like the deal will be a loan rather than a transfer, though it is unclear if there will be any options or obligations to buy the 27 year old. Either way Ranocchia will be hoping that the Stadio Luigi Ferraris will be the right environment for him to find his form again and revitalize a career that has disappointed thus far.

It is believed that the move will not take place until after the Coppa Italia semifinal against Juventus on Wednesday.