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The Guarin era is officially over

Fredy Gurin agreed to join Shangai Shenhua for approximately €11 million.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

We loved you.
We hated you.
Then we loved you again.
And we hated you one more time.

Thank God you're leaving
But we still want you here.

Fredy Guarin won't be a Nerazzurro anymore, and as you can see I have mixed feeling about this. But it's all his fault. He made us going crazy with his great, powerful shots just under the crossbar, his powerful and unstoppable run. Then he made us throw the hands in the hair with sloppy passes and strikes that had people in the curva ducking to dodge his crazed shots.

The Colombian midfielder agreed to join the Shanghai Shenhua, a Chinese side, for €11 million plus another one in bonuses. Inter had to accept a less lucrative deal than the one offered by the Jiangu Suning, which are not a reliable partner to make deals with (ask Luiz Adriano for info), but it was necessary in order to have the money to buy key pieces to fix the few problems the Nerazzurri have. Fredy will make approximately €6 million a year in China and he already had his medical in Malaga, Spain, where Shangai are currently having training camp.

Remember when we forced Moratti to call off the deal that would have sent you to Juventus in exchange of Vucinic -- who currently plays for the Al Jazira Club -- because we believed in you? Because we were sure that you would have been an important piece for an already strong team? We meant it. We really did. But you let us down too many times in the past few years and now it's the right time to finally let you go.

Maybe Inter didn't understand you. Maybe you didn't understand Inter. The only thing I know, is that I loved/hated you, and I wish you the best for the rest of your football career.

Farewell, Fredy.