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New Year, New Start for Ricky Alvarez

After spending the first half of the season in limbo, Alvarez has been allowed sign a contract with Sampdoria until June.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Ricky Alvarez can finally play again. After sitting around for the first half of the season in uncertainty, FIFA has allowed him to join another club and he signed for Sampdoria. The 27 year old can now get back to his profession and hopefully can put this loan mess between Inter and Sunderland behind him.

Alvarez was sent on loan to Sunderland during the 14/15 season. The loan included a obligation to purchase if the English club avoided relegation, which they did. Sunderland refused to buy the Argentine winger however because they claimed that Inter failed to properly respond to Alvarez's knee injury issues, and furthermore refused to allow him to have surgery why he was in England. This caused him to be unavailable to them and they argued that this should allow them not to get out of the purchasing clause.

While both sides have been arguing and threatening FIFA arbitration, Alvarez has not had the ability to play. He had surgery and worked his way back to fitness but could not register for a club since there were questions as to who owned him, and thus who any interested club would have to negotiate with. Though he now is registered for Sampdoria it is still a little unclear as to which club won the dispute. Football Italia claims that Inter won, while other sources say the matter is still being decided. While it would be great for Inter to win the case (because the money brought in from his sale would be helpful), I am happier to hear that Alvarez can get back to playing again.