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Brozovic involved in a drunk driving incident

Brozovic got in a little trouble with Croatian police during the holidays, though that doesn't seem to make Inter any more willing to sell him to Arsenal.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

For the past few weeks there have been rumors linking Marcelo Brozovic with a move to Premier League leaders Arsenal. Though it already seemed like Inter were not looking to sell the 23 year old, two stories surfaced today which makes it all the more likely that we'll be seeing #EpicBrozo at the San Siro for a little while longer.

First, reports surfaced that over the holiday break, Brozovic was stopped by Croatian police while driving after he had ran two red lights. When given a BAC test it turned out his alcohol level was at .87. To make matters worse, Brozovic does not currently have a driver's license because it was suspended two months ago. It is unclear how the Croatian authorities responded and if there will be any further repercussions towards the midfielder on their part, but it is not hard to imagine that Arsene Wenger might be a little put off in his pursuit of Brozovic.

Even if Wenger still wanted to buy him, Mancini looks to have no interest in selling. During his news conference today before the Empoli match the Inter coach said that he believed that Brozovic can become one of the best around and he has no intentions of selling even for a massive offer. While Brozovic's off-the-pitch decision making might not have been great during the festive period, Mancini has faith in his on-the-pitch decision making and wants to keep him around as long as possible.