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Medel gets three-game ban for hitting Kurtic in the face

The Chilean gets a retrospective ban for his violent gesture during the Atalanta match.

Atalanta BC v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

During last Sunday's match against Atalanta probably no one noticed what happened between Gary Medel and Jasmin Kurtic in the 39th minute, even the referee and his assistants were unaware of the reason why the Slovenian midfielder was on the ground with his hands wrapped around his head. A replay immediately unveiled the cause of Kurtic's pain: Medel puroposely extended his arm towards his face while no one was watching, probably hitting his opponent near the eye.

No disciplinary action was taken by Doveri during the match but, after acquiring TV images and investigating the incident, it was decided by the league to impose a retrospective ban to the Chilean for a violent and voluntary gesture with the ball not in playable distance. Medel will now have to sit out for the next three Serie A matches against Torino, Sampdoria, and Crotone.

It wasn't an extremely violent gesture like Kurtic's reaction would suggest. It was surely voluntary and careless though, and the decision to suspend him for three matches is absolutely right in my opinion. I understand Medel's frustration for the current situation but what he did to his opponent was an unjustifiable and stupid act that has nothing to do with the sport.