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Frank de Boer is safe

Piero Ausilio and Michael Bolingbroke finally backed the Dutch manager during today's press conference.

FC Internazionale Milano v US Sassuolo Calcio - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

I already said it before, many times in fact, and I'll say it once again: I don't know why Inter would want to change coach now. I mean, FdB may not be the best manager in the world (he probably isn't) and he may not have a lot of year of experience in his resumé but in the time he was in charge at Ajax he already proved not only to understand football but also to have a winning mentality. Yes, the Eredivisie is not he most challenging league in the world but he lead the team to four consecutive championship titles in his first four season as first-team manager, finishing in second place the following two seasons. Not an everyday thing, right?

Today, during the press-conference that followed a shareholders meeting in Milan, the club finally showed their public support to the coach, who has been unfairly maltreated by the media lately after some rather disappointing performances by the team. In fact, both Ausilio and Bolingbroke strongly denied all the rumors about the possibility of sacking FdB. Inter's CEO also said that they received numerous calls from other coaches' agents lately but they never contacted anyone because they believe in Frank and they are not planning to replace him now or in the near future.

This are Bolingbroke words on the subject.

A number of agents contact[ed] us to put forward coaches or managers. We haven't been in touch with anyone - we began the season with a plan and that hasn't changed. Having to start again not long before the opening weekend of the season was a calculated risk albeit the decision was in the club's best interests. We believe Roberto Mancini did an excellent job - he left the club in a much higher league position than the one he found it in - and we parted ways on very amicable terms.

Piero sounded a little pissed for all the questions about the de Boer situation during the press conference and also said that he stopped reading newspapers a few weeks ago because he was nauseated by all the fake rumors. He also threw shade at the journalist, saying that he and the other directors analyze matches more deeply than them without drawing early conclusions just looking at the mere results.

Here is what he had to say about de Boer.

We have a good team and a coach with pro-active views. We've never questioned Frank de Boer and we support his project because we strongly believe it can be successful. The coach is more relaxed than you think and we have always reaffirmed our confidence in him - including on television. We haven't contacted anyone - if anything people have been putting themselves forward because the Inter job is one everyone wants. But Frank de Boer is the coach of Inter. And he's not alone. On a daily basis you can see how many of our managerial team come to the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti. We're always alongside the team, coach and his staff. Every day.

The well-dressed guys have spoken. Hoping that they are not just putting up a facade, we should just relax and believe in the project they had in mind when they hired De Boer.