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Hapoel Be'er Sheva 3-2 Inter Milan: Player Ratings

It's hard to be an Inter fan.

Southampton FC v FC Internazionale Milano - UEFA Europa League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

We are finally out of the Europa League. I say finally, because I don't know if I would be able to bear the humiliation of being embarrassed by this team's performances. I used to enjoy watching this team play, now every time I sit in front of the TV to support my favorite club I can only think about whatever catastrophic thing they will do to screw everything up. I'd like to be able to have fun watching Inter again, and if in order to achieve that they will have to play less and train and rest more, I accept that.


Samir Handanovic - 4

His sending off obviously changed the momentum of the match. Too naive on the first yellow card, too reckless when he kicked Buzaglo, conceding a penalty and picking up a second yellow, Samir prejudiced the outcome of the match this time.

Danilo D'Ambrosio - 5

Nwakaeme owned him for the majority of the match and that prevented him from pushing up as much as he likes to.

Joao Miranda - 5

If Inter can't even rely on him, they're screwed. Miranda has been the best centre-back the Nerazzurri have seen in a very long time and has become Samir's BFF since his arrival, making the goalkeeper's life much more easier because of his usually impeccable defending. Against Hapoel though, he was not his usual self and he took a nap on the cross that then became an assist for their first goal.

Jeison Murillo - 5

He played a terrible match. He is almost unrecognizable this season, compared to the great improvement he showed last year. With Medel out until January, at least, he will be our starting CB for the next month but I wouldn't be surprised if Ranocchia is chosen to replace him considering his form. He couldn't read a long ball that "forced" Handanovic to concede the penalty.

Yuto Nagatomo - 5

He didn't make any spectacular mistakes yesterday, but he blended in perfectly with the awful mediocrity of Inter's defense.

Marcelo Brozovic - 6

I'm sure he has a switch somewhere that turns him off and on during matches. Consistency has always been an issue with him and even when he is playing fairly good you can always expect odd mistakes by the Croatian. He scored a beautiful goal with a curling shot from outside the area to crown a beautiful series of one-touch passes. He is our most reliable option in midfield at the moment.

Felipe Melo - 5.5

A typical Melo performance with a lot of determination and balls lost. Not that bad for his standards, but not good enough to justify his presence on the team. I hope this is the last time I see him play for Inter.

Antonio Candreva - 5.5

He didn't shine like he usually does. Pioli likes him to operate more in the center rather than running up and down the flank all match long to have him more involved in the build-up play and the experiment has ben successful so far, even though it hasn't translated to a win, yet.

Ever Banega - 5.5

Where did the creative genius we signed this summer and we saw in the first matches go? The fact that he has been benched often lately may be an indicator of a poor physical shape, which could also explain why his performances have dropped so much. He dictated the pace of Inter's plays fairly well before being taken out for Carrizo.

Eder - 5.5

The assist for Icardi's goal at the very beginning was the only high note of a rather mediocre performance from the Italian national. He is one of the hardest worker on the pitch but he looked slacker than usual yesterday.

Mauro Icardi - 5.5

I don't know if Mauro, as captain of the team, should have done more to prevent the mental and physical breakdown that we saw in the second half. What I do know that he scored the opening goal of the match with a great cut inside the box and could have/should have scored again in the second half but he was denied by the crossbar first, and by his own inaccuracy then.


Ivan Perisic - 5.5

Pioli threw him in the 60th minute, right after Hapoel first goal expecting him to be a much more deciding factor than Eder. He tried to assert himself in the offensive half and he also served a sweet assist to Icardi, who wasted it with an uncharacteristically miss from inside the box, but it's not enough from a player with his qualities.

Assane Gnoukouri - 5

He is an enigma for me. One match he plays like a seasoned veteran, the next one he plays like he never knows what to do, like yesterday. Bambi.

Juan Pablo Carrizo - 6.5

He almost saved the penalty the second he was subbed in. Played a pretty good match and kept Inter hopes of not being humiliated alive until the very last minute.


Stefano Pioli - 6

It's hard to blame the guy who has been in charge of this dysfunctional team for just 17 days. I don't know if he knew what he was approaching when he signed for Inter but I guess that this match has given him a vague idea of how hard his work will be. Just one thing, Stefano: Nagatomo is not a football player so stop playing him. Please.