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Inter Milan 4-2 Fiorentina: Player Ratings

Icardi shines while Miranda and Handanovic keep their streak of bad performances alive.

FC Internazionale v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

This wasn't a match for the faint of heart. But if you are an Inter fan you should be already accustomed to this type of emotions every week this team plays. As usual, the Nerazzurri started the match with a very aggressive attitude that helped them take an early lead and they were also able to score again and again taking advantage of the opposing defense's confusion. After the third goal, Inter's pressure slowly faded, allowing the Viola to create more dangerous plays through Bernardeschi and Ilicic and finally score.

In the second half, despite the numerical superiority, the Nerazzurri appeared tired and scared, an attitude that was the complete opposite of the one they had in the first 45 minutes. The Viola wasted too much energy trying to cover the field with ten men and they were only able to score one more goal in this half.

(You can find the complete recap by the most optimistic Inter supporter ever — aka Baraka — here)


Samir Handanovic - 5

I usually feel safe knowing that we can count on him if the defense screws up like they love to do. In the last two matches though, he was the one who made silly and avoidable mistakes that a keeper of his caliber isn't expected to do. He has Ilicic's goal on his conscience and in many occasions he couldn't block the ball safely even though he was supposed to.

Danilo D'Ambrosio - 5.5

Where was he on Kalinic's goal? He smeared an otherwise solid performance with this error and gave Fiorentina some hope of getting back into the game after being down 3-0. He still is our most reliable option as right-back though.

Andrea Ranocchia - 6

I was really really scared when I saw his name in the starting lineup before the match and thankfully my fear was unjustified. With Medel out until next year and Murillo going through a slow, but inexorable, involution we'll see a lot of him in the coming weeks so knowing that he is mentally tougher and physically fit is pleasant, and unexpected, news.

Joao Miranda - 5.5

He wasn't that bad, but as the cornerstone of our defense, he should be much more precise and careful. I know that playing alongside Ranocchia is never an easy task, but the Italian didn't screw up for once and he should have benefited from that, instead he looked nervous and some times he was found out of position when the opponents were attacking.

Cristian Ansaldi - 5.5

I may have been too harsh with this rating but, apart from the first 20 minutes, I can't remember a single good thing he did all match. Fortunately Tello wasn't as inspired as Suso was last Sunday because the very few times someone tried to attack on his side he looked shaky and easy to overcome.

Marcelo Brozovic - 6.5

Epic Brozo is back. He runs, he fights, he scores. As much as I loved his goal, I loved when he tracked back on Borja Valero and neutralized his attempt with the help of Samir. He started the season as an outcast to this team but he kept working hard and his efforts are finally paying off and I couldn't be more happy. Keep up the good job, Marcelo.

Geoffrey Kondogbia - 6

Pioli has some faith in him and he hasn't disappointed the new coach so far. He played a decent first half, picking up a yellow that forced Stefano to replace him, avoiding the possibility of seeing him sent off.

Antonio Candreva - 6.5

I can't help but notice how much he run and moves every match and how silly he makes every defender look that he find on his path. Pioli wanted him to play more in the middle in the last two matches, a thing that happened very rarely yesterday probably because of Banega's presence, without spoiling his performance anyway.

Éver Banega - 6

The Argentinian elf is a crucial part of this team even when he is not physically at his best, like yesterday. He lures a lot of attention on him, helping his teammates finding opponents-free slots where he always hit them with precise passes. 45 minutes of impeccable playmaking are not enough though and I look forward to when he will be in a better shape.

Ivan Perišić - 6.5

He hit the post once and turned Salcedo inside out like an old sock and propitiated two of the four Inter goal with personal initiatives but he also missed an easy chance to score in the first half and sometimes he was too lazy to help his teammates at defending, that's why I didn't give him a 7.

Mauro Icardi - 7

What more could we ask him to do? He scored a beautiful goal after fooling the entire Fiorentina defense in the first half and then he definitively sealed the deal in the 90th minute, catching up with Dzeko in the race for the Capocannoniere crown. Maurito also had a more positive and helping attitude he rarely shows and which I'd love to see more often in the future.


João Mário Naval da Costa Eduardo - 5

I used his complete name like angry moms do when they want to scold their little boys. It's hard to say what was going through his mind yesterday but I could smell the fear he had through the screen of my TV and the easy chance he missed was a clear indicator of that. He is better than what he showed us yesterday. He knows, we know, so let's dismiss this performance as a bump in his road to become a key piece to this team.

Felipe Melo - 5.5

He replaced Banega and was asked to strengthen the Inter wall, without disappointing. I can't give him a 6 just because he's Melo, but he probably deserves it this time.

Éder - N/A

He played just 15 minutes and barely touched the ball.


Stefano Pioli - 6.5

I absolutely liked the fact that he trusted Kondogbia and Ranocchia for this important match and they rewarded him with solid performances. I also liked the fact that he was able to make the team start the match with an absurd level of intensity once again. When he will be able to succeed where any other Inter coach has failed lately, i.e. having a defense that doesn't melt like snow under the sun, I will give him higher ratings.