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Introducing myself to the Serpents of Madonnina community

I’m excited to be here and am ready to write.

Serpents of Madonnina

Hello fellow Inter fans, my name is Michael Heffron and I am a new writer here at Serpents of Madonnina. I am from the state of Maryland in the United States and am an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland College Park. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity to share my love of Inter with all of you.

I have been an Inter fan for as long as I can remember. As a youth, whenever I played soccer, I would play as a fullback. This naturally drew me to Inter who have had the luxury of having excellent fullbacks in the past such as Maicon and legends like Javier Zanetti and Giacinto Facchetti. The more I watched Inter play on the pitch, the more I was captivated by the team. Immediately, I fell in love with the tradition of the club and its history of devoted leaders such as Massimo Moratti. The legends and traditions of the club ensure that Inter will forever be in my heart.

As a writer for Serpents of Madonnina, I hope to deliver my take on news pertaining to our beloved Inter and hope to celebrate the many future successes of Inter with all of you. I do believe that Inter, supported by our new owners Suning, will rise back to the top soon. In addition, I believe that our team led by both Mauro Icardi and Stefano Pioli is capable of ascending up the table to a position worthy of a team with Inter's prestige. Through all of this and for many more years to come, I will hopefully be writing about our dear Inter.