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Martin Montoya departs for Real Betis

Inter decided to cut its losses with the fullback and end his loan with Barcelona early.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

After a failed loan spell, Martin Montoya has left Inter Milan and heads to Real Betis on loan. The Spanish fullback was never able to really break into the first team and only made three appearances in Serie A during his time at the club. Despite leaving Barcelona in order to get more playing time (due to being behind Dani Alves in the pecking order), he found that Mancini's wide range of options at fullback meant that he would also not be afforded the playing time he wanted. Furthermore his emphasis on attacking over defending did not really endear himself to the coach's philosophy.

The original deal with Barcelona was a two year loan with an option to buy, but Inter made it clear that they would not be using that option and that they did not see him getting much playing time this season. As a result both sides came to an agreement to terminate the loan and to send him to La Liga club Real Betis for the remainder of the season. Hopefully there Montoya can get the playing time that he desires. We wish him luck at his new club!