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Inter pushing for Banega now rather than the summer

Despite already agreeing to a free transfer for Ever Banega in the summer, Mancini is pushing for his arrival now.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

So far this season the midfield has been a serious problem for Inter. Mancini decided to sell Kovacic and Hernanes, the only two true creative midfielders in order to line up a physical and aggressive midfield. While that could work it has become painfully clear that the team needs somebody that can use his vision and skill to link the midfield and attack while providing another creative spark that our style of play has been crying out for. Mancini identified Ever Banega as a target and the club moved in quickly to sign him for a free transfer in June, since his contract with Sevilla is expiring in the summer (due to the Spanish club not wanting to provide him with €3m a season wages).

With the current form of the team at unsustainable levels (and the midfield struggling even further), Mancini is trying to get the Argentine international to come to his club immediately. Sevilla wants to keep him around as long as possible though and are refusing to budge from their price of €5m. Ausilio and Thohir were fine with waiting until the summer and getting the player for free but now Mancini wants the club to cough up the cash so he can have Banega now.

While I agree that Banega would be a good signing and could be the solution to our midfield issue, I have little sympathy for Mancini here. He chose to sell all of his pure creative midfielders and use a different style of play (requiring a number of signings that Ausilio and Thohir provided), and now since that is failing he is demanding that the club pay even more for his project to bring in the type of player that he sold. I think that Banega should come now, but Mancini made a mistake by selling Kovacic and Hernanes and I think he is now finally starting to realize the extent of that mistake.