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Manchester United and Machester City targeting Inter players

It is believed that Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are both looking to sign Inter players if/when they arrive at their new clubs.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

With Pep Guardiola already confirmed to be taking over the Manchester City job next season and Jose Mourinho getting closer and closer to the Manchester United hotseat, rumors are beginning to circulate as to who they would want to sign in order to make their new clubs in their respective images. Both managers are apparently looking at Inter though they want different players.

Guardiola is reportedly keen on signing Samir Handanovic. The Slovenian goalkeeper has continually been one of the best performers at this club for the past few seasons and Guardiola wants him to replace Joe Hart as the first choice keeper at the Etihad Stadium. The 31 year old just recently signed a contract tying him to Inter until 2019 so Manchester City would have to pay quite a bit of money to pry him away, but we all know that money is rarely an issue for that team.

The future of the red side of Manchester is a little more uncertain because it is still not clear if Mourinho will be getting the job there. It seems more likely that he will (at least at the end of the season) and for that reason the former Inter coach is already picking out his transfer targets. He knows that the Red Devils are somewhat lacking in attack and wants to solve that problem by signing Inter captain Mauro Icardi. Mourinho thinks that if Inter fail to make the Champions League it will be considerably easier to sign the 22 year old, and wants the club to prepare a €44m bid if that happens.

These are still early days and these rumors could easily not turn out to be fulfilled (especially if Mourinho doesn't get the Manchester United job). But either way, this should serve as a warning to the Inter players and management that if they do not end the season in the Champions Leage places, the vultures will start circling.