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Thohir looking to find a replacement investor (but for Moratti or himself?)

Reports have surfaced that Thohir has hired Goldman Sachs to find a new investor for Inter, but it is unclear who this new investor would replace.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

In this day and age of the sport, money is incredibly important. Having owners and investors willing to put money into transfers, marketing, and stadium development is key to becoming (or staying) a top club in the world. Inter has fallen off that list recently and Thohir arrived promising to return Inter back to the top through smart investments and finally figuring out how Inter would get its own stadium. We're still waiting, and it looks like new faces might be coming soon.

Earlier today, reports surfaced that Thohir had asked Goldman Sachs to find a new investor for Inter. It seemed that the current Inter president was looking to replace former president Moratti with somebody more willing to invest in the club. Now sources are saying that Goldman Sachs was not looking for a replacement for Moratti, but for Thohir. He seems to be willing to sell a portion of his shares, or even possibly his entire majority ownership for the right offer.

It is still very unclear who (if anybody) is going to be replaced at the club. There have been problems with finding new investors in the past so it would not be suprising if this whole endeavour comes to nothing. If something does happen though all I want is somebody that is willing to seriously invest in the club and has a long term plan for building Inter's profit levels (preferably including a project to get our own stadium). If that means Thohir leaves so be it, I have no particular attachments to him.