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Donald Trump might be investing in Inter Milan

Oh god please no no no no no no no

The Greenville News-USA TODAY Sports

After being thoroughly defeated by Juventus on Sunday plus having to play them again tomorrow (coming into the second leg of the cup tie already down three goals) one might wonder how this week could possibly get any worse? Two words my friends, Donald Trump. The front-runner of the Republican Primary for the U.S. Presidential elections (excuse me while I suppress the urge to vomit) might become one of the new investors in our beloved club.

According to Express Sports, Italy manager Antonio Conte is most likely going to join Chelsea, and Mancini is the front-runner (see now that word is just ruined for me) most likely to take over the Italian national team. If he leaves Thohir wants Diego Simeone but in order to secure his signature, and bankroll what will likely be another busy summer, Thohir needs extra investment money. That's where Trump comes in (excuse me while I suppress the urge to vomit).

Remember back when Thohir hired Goldman Sachs to find a new investor? Well they apparently found one in Proto Group Ltd, a real estate firm that has a partnership with Trump. Right now it is unclear how much they would be willing to invest but it looks like they are candidates one of the groups Goldman Sachs has highlighted as a possible investor.

Now I'm sure most of you are thinking, "really Baraka get serious, there's no way Trump would invest in a soccer team". That's what I originally thought and then I found out that Trump and the Proto Group have recently had interest in soccer teams. After buying a hotel in Colombia they made a bid to buy Atlético Nacional. Though that didn't work out because according to Trump their counteroffer was too high, it shows that they might actually have some serious interest in Inter.

With Donald Trump going into Super Tuesday today and expecting some big wins in the polls, he might just celebrate by investing in (or outright buying) Inter. Could you just imagine him saying "Let's Make Inter Great Again"... excuse me while I go vomit