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Inter considering pushing out Jovetic and Ljajic for Candreva

Mancini seems keen on signing the Lazio winger and will try to end the loan deals for Jovetic and Ljajic to help fund this.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It may only be March but summer transfer rumors are already being run. Though Inter will likely not have as busy of a transfer market as the previous summer Mancini is looking at additions to his squad and once again, he is interested in bolstering his wings.

Reports indicate that Mancini's current target is Antonio Candreva, the 29 year old winger from Lazio. It seems that he was interested in signing the Italian in January but Lazio were asking for too much money (around €28m). The player looks to be open to a move though and will be talking to Lazio's president at the end of the season to figure out his future. If a sale is agreed to the Rome-based club will probably ask for a figure of around €20-22m and of course Ausilio and company will try anything and everything to get that price down (loan+obligation to buy, split the payment through a number of years, including players, etc.).

The best case scenario for Inter sees them qualify for the Champions League group stage which provides a windfall of €50m to use for their summer deals. If that does not occur then some players will have to depart. First, Adem Ljajic's loan will likely not be redeemed. He has an option to purchase at €11m and since he is one of the few players whose loan deal did not include an obligatory purchase he would likely depart. Another player is reportedly on the chopping block is Stevan Jovetic. The Montenegrin striker has been listed as injured and has not played since the end of February, yet was called up for the current international break. The deal that brought him to Inter from Manchester City included an obligatory purchase for €14.5m, and Inter representatives have been trying to meet with officials from the English club to see if they would be willing to renegotiate. If that does not happen they Inter will buy the 26 year old but look to ship him off immediately.