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Perin interested in a move to Inter*

The goalkeeper's agent said it's time for his client to move on and mentioned Inter as a possible destination, with one caveat.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Today the agent of Genoa's starting goalkeeper Mattia Perin spoke to the press and probably shocked (or at least saddened) a lot of Genoa's fans. Matteo Roggi told them that it was time for his client to move on and play at a team that offers a higher level of quality and competitiveness than his current club. His agent even went so far as to make a list of teams his client would be and would not be interested in, ruling out Torino but welcoming the idea of Perin playing for Fiorentina or Roma.

When asked about Inter he mentioned how Ausilio has expressed interest in his 23 year old client in the past, but said that the only way Perin would move to the Milanese club would be if Handanovic was sold. Now back in early 2015 when contract talks with Handanovic were seemingly at a standstill it looked like the Slovenian keeper would be sold, and at that time the Italian looked to be his most likely replacement (we even did a piece comparing his stats to Handanovic's as well as our potential in-house replacement). Now with the summer transfer market on the horizon and a potential managerial merry-go-round in England, rumors have started up again that the Manchester clubs (along with other teams) might be interested in signing Handanovic.

Just like before these sale rumors will probably come to nothing and "Batmanovic" will be in the Inter goal next season as usual. But if the 31 year old was to leave (for instance to Manchester United to replace De Gea-one of the rumors Roggi explicitly mentioned) or even if Ausilio and the rest of Inter management have to consider a tempting  offer for him in the summer, Perin's agent has announced that his client would be more than willing to defend the Nerazzurri goal. He even mentioned that it would only cost €12m to buy him (a figure I'm sure is being low-balled in order to get clubs interested considering that his market value is €17.5m).